Ultra Oil Skin and Coat Supplement

Size: 16oz
Sale price$26.99


Our healthy pet formula (non-GMO, gluten-free, herbicide, and pesticide-free) delivers healthy fats in just the right ratios.  Just add a small amount to your pet's food each day and experience relief from dry itchy skin, dull coat, hot spots, dandruff, allergies, skin bumps, excessive shedding, and digestive issues.
  • Perfectly formulated to deliver healthy fats in just the right ratios so they can be optimally absorbed.
  • Keep your pet healthy with a small amount added to their food each day to deliver the proper balance of nutrients.
  • Proven by happy pets and their owners to help alleviate the symptoms of dry skin, hot spots, skin bumps, dull coat, allergies, excessive shedding, and digestive issues.
  • Grapeseed oil provides important antioxidants to rid your pet of toxins and waste while acting as a natural preservative. Also formulated with hemp seed, flaxseed, and fish oils.
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, and herbicide, and pesticide-free. Plus, there's no fishy smell or foul order!
  • Safe and suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats at any age.

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