Super Snouts Turkey Tail

Size: 2.64 oz
Sale price$21.99


Give a natural boost to your pet's immune system health with a supplement from Super Snouts! Super Snouts offers quality all-natural supplements to support your pet's health and wellness. The Turkey Tail Mushrooms formula is a blend of medicinal mushrooms to support your pet's immune health. Also aids with common allergy problems. Provides added support for normal inflammatory response and detoxification. All mushrooms are organically-grown in the Pacific Northwestern USA. Formulated for both dogs and cats. Veterinary Approved. 


Active Ingredients: Organic Turkey Tail Mushrooms
Inactive Ingredients: Myceliated Brown Rice


Administration Guidelines: Give one heaping scoop per 25 lbs of body weight daily. Double the dose for the first 10 days as a “loading phase” to increase initial absorption.

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