Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil For Dogs

Size: Small/Medium 100mg
Sale price$54.99


Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil For Dogs has been specially formulated to be served during or after mealtime. It provides your dog with the numerous health benefits of hemp which may help support a normal inflammatory response, joint discomfort, and situational stress. Liposome Hemp Oil is mixed with sustainably sourced Wild Alaskan Red Pollock oil to elevate your dog’s diet and help produce a lustrous coat. Keeping your pup healthy doesn’t have to cost a paw and a leg. Natural and unaltered, so you won’t find any solvents here.

Our Liposome Hemp Oil includes Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extracted using a supercritical CO2 extraction method. This product is perfect for medium to large breed dogs that require the use of food to take supplements. It has no known contraindications (won’t interfere with other medications) and no known negative side effects.

Key Product Features:

Water Soluble
Administered during or after mealtime
Mixed with Sustainably Sourced Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil


Bottle Potency Composition
Each dropper contains 10mg being Active Hemp, 20mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Each bottle contains 300mg being Active Hemp

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