Padded Mesh Reflective Dog Leash

Koa's House

SKU: 3328999-black-l-w-25mm-l-110cm


This soft padded 3M Reflective Dog Leash is perfect for long walks, both easy on your hand and budget. The 3M Reflective material keeps you and your pet safe in low light situations. The clasp is made from strong durable zinc allow with a high load bearing capacity. This soft reflective leash is available in two different widths to fit you and your pet. 


  • 10% goes to animal rescue groups recommended by our customers
  • Ergonomic handle, soft mesh padding
  • 3M Reflective for added safety for you and your pet
  • Excellent durability for long lasting comfort and use
  • Three colors to choose from
  • Easy on your wallet and comfortable in your hand
  • Shipping is free
  • Large - W 25mm  L 110cm
  • Medium - W 20mm  L 110cm
  • Small - W 15mm  L 110cm