Hugglehounds Redmund the Reindeer HuggleFleece Fluffer-Knottie Plush Toy

Size: Large
Sale price$19.99


A member of the HuggleHounds holiday dream team, the HuggleFleece Fluffer Knottie Redmund the Reindeer’s combo fabric makes for the plushest, softest toy ever. The combined Tuffut Technology lining with the best-selling HuggleFleece fabric for the perfect marriage of Tuff and Soft - Tuffut for limbs, HuggleFleece for the body! The result? A new kind of toy, with the softest body imaginable, and knotted limbs courtesy of the best-selling Knotties. The soft and tuff combo makes this extra special!

Small Toy measures approximately 9" Tall x 5" Wide x 3" Deep.

Large Toy measures approximately 15" Tall x 9" Wide x 3" Deep.

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