Grizzly Krill Oil

Size: 4oz
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 Grizzly Krill Oil is a powerful, all-natural antioxidant food supplement. It is derived from wild Antarctic krill. Use Grizzly Krill Oil to protect your dog from the harmful actions of free radicals, which are the unstable molecules that are primarily created during digestion. The antioxidant, Astaxanthin, helps in eliminating free radicals and assisting the body to combat environmental pollutants.

Not only does Grizzly Krill Oil help fight agains free radicals, it will help support the health of your dog's ocular, cardiovascular, liver, respiratory and vascular functions. All while helping maintain good health of body tissues and cells.

Unlike other fish oils, Grizzly Krill Oil does not contain omega-3 fatty acids. Instead omega-3 lipids can be found. The lipids help your dog to absorb nutrients. They will help keep healthy membranes in the digestive tract which benefits overall nutrition absorption.

Made in the USA

Add daily to your dog's food according to the weight chart below. For best results, use regularly on a long-term basis. One pump storke equals approximately 0.03 fluid ounce / 1.0 mL.


Body Weight
Pump Strokes
Up to 12 pounds 1/2
12 - 25 pounds 1
25 - 50 pounds 2
50 - 100 pounds 3
Over 100 pounds 4


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