Fold-able Portable Cat Tunnel

Koa's House


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The ultimate super fun activity tunnel, and great hiding spot for your feline family to hide and play.on the hunt that are ready to pounce on unsuspecting mouse toys. At twenty inches long, it is the perfect size to give your cat a place to play and hide, without taking up a lot of space. Give your cat a place to run, hide and attack at a price you can afford. At the end of the tunnel there is added fun with a toy ball hanging, ready to be attack. 


      • Buy multiple to make a longer tunnel.
      • Wire frame, makes it easy to store and more.
      • Perfect for the traveling cat
      • Cats Love Tunnels, The ability to retreat then sneak attack is nothing but joy 
      • Great for kittens and Rabbits Too
      • Length:50cm/19.6inch Diameter:25cm/9.8inch