Flexible Cohesive Vet-Wrap Elastic Bandage

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Help protect your best friend’s cuts and scrapes while they are healing using flexible cohesive wrap.  This wrap is self-adhering  and resistant to abrasion, great for active pets. The wrap is made from woven fabric base material, linear elastic yarns and latex cohesive. This elastic wrap can help deliver compression without constricting, moving or falling off over time. This cohesive wrap is easy to use, remove and won’t stick to skin or fur, it can be hand-torn straight so you don’t need scissors. Wrap comes in a variety of colors with paw prints.


  • Wrap Wounds and Injuries
  • Great To Have On Hand For When Needed
  • Perfect For Camping, Hiking and Emergencies 
  • Soft, lightweight, provides great support and durability
  • Self-Adhering