Double Braided Dog Leash With Easy Grip Handle

Koa's House


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Have more than one furry family member that loves walks? No more tangling leashes, thanks to this unique swivel design. This is the leash to make your life easier. No more tangle knotted leashes. This leash makes walking two dogs easier, perfect for the multi dog family, shelter workers and even professional dog walkers. The handle is soft, plush and easy on your hands, even with hard pulling huskies.


  • 10% goes to animal rescue groups recommended by our customers
  • Free Shipping to your door
  • A great tool to walk two dogs at once, perfect for families with multiple pets, dog walkers, or shelter workers
  • Ergonomic handle features a soft, squishy gel filling that reduces hand fatigue over long walks
  • Durable and stength-tested, can be used for all breeds and sizes