Pet Safety Seat Belt



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Ensures maximum protection by keeping your fur family in place in case of sudden stop. As cute as it is to have a fluffy fur family member in your lap while driving down the road, it is not safe for you or your fur family. Keep them safe by buckling them up. Use with your existing seat belt plug. Just plug directly into your seat-belt socket. Keep them from jumping throughout the vehicle while driving, keeping you and them safe.


  • 10% goes to animal rescue groups recommended by our customers
  • Free Shipping to your door
  • Durable and Easy to use
  • Bungee for extra comfort
  • Keeps your fur family safe and secure in your vehicle
  • Attaches to any harness and standard seat belt buckle
  • Great for Cats. They Like Going for Rides TOO!
  • One size fits all
  • Hand washable
  • Adjustable Range: 25x53-74cm