Ark Naturals No Shampoo! Shampoo! - 18oz

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As dogs move into what we consider the senior part of their life, visits to groomer or grooming your pet by yourself can be stressful and possibly risky.

We recognize that grooming visits for cats are rare as cats excel at self-grooming; however as cats age, self-grooming becomes difficult and less frequent – and cats like dogs start to smell.

Grooming issues affecting senior pets include: standing (stress on their bones, legs and back), stress of being tied to a neck harness, mental impairment, difficulty hearing and possibly seeing, need for frequent urination and overall discomfort.

Gray Muzzle’s No Shampoo! Shampoo is the perfect answer for your bath time worries.

  • Stress Free!
  • Cleans and Moisturizes
  • Natural Botanical Formula
  • pH Balanced Formula
  • Perfect for Spot Cleaning!
  • Easy to Use!

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