21 Rolls of Dog Waste Bags And 1 Poop Bag Dispenser

Koa's House



You have a dog, it poops, it happens. As responsible dog owners we want to make sure we keep our parks, walkways, grassy areas and yards clean and free of poop. Bags make it easier and faster for cleanup. So, when it’s time for your friend to go, be sure to always have plenty of bags. These bags fit any dispenser.  These are small and easy to carry around. We want bags that feel strong and thick than a regular grocery bag, so we don’t have to double up, which saves you money. With 10 rolls, you have plenty to keep in your car, house and dog bag dispenser holders. These bags roll smoothly from roll . Not only great for dogs but also great for cat litter boxes. Poop bags are both safe and a hygienic way of picking up the poop. This is a great value for pet owners.


  • 10% goes to animal rescue groups recommended by our customers
  • Free Shipping to your door
  • Easy Clip that can go onto leash , purse, pants with loop 
  • Disposable and earth-friendly
  • Great size of bag which makes for easy pick up and to tie a knot at top
  • Rolls fit all standard dispensers
  • Large number of bags available per shipment, so you can cut down on refills ordered