12" Odorless Bully Sticks - Dog Treats

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100% percent natural beef. They don’t only keep your dog happy, but you won’t have to stress yourself over keeping your dog stench free after playtime. Extra thickness means your dog has more to chew-on for a longer time which means longer protection for your furniture and shoes.  No additives, hormones, chemicals, preservatives added. It is also free from Grain, so it is perfect even for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

They’re also easy to digest, low in fat, high in protein and great for your dog’s teeth and gums keeping them free from tartar and plaque, ensuring that your pet’s teeth and gums stay clean and strong.

The chews are fully USDA/FDA-approved, hand inspected and manufactured in a multi-step slow process that eliminates bacteria and odor to with an assurance of conformity to the highest quality standards.

The look of satisfaction on your dog’s face will make you feel good about yourself as a pet-parent.


  • 10% goes to animal rescue groups recommended by our customers
  • Easily digestible
  • Long Lasting Dog Chew
  • Made in USA
  • Please always give treats or chews under supervision. Always, keep an eye on your pup while they enjoy the treats!