Hi, I am Abby. Official Koa's House taste tester. At a young age I determined my passion was eating only natural grain free food and treats. I found my mood to be improved, my energy unstoppable and my coat shined. I have ran many miles through the plains of Texas and the mountains of Colorado all powered by quality foods & treats. At the age of 16 years old, I passed over the rainbow bridge to join my pack there. 

My favorite activity -- Anything in snow
My least favorite activity -- Swimming
My favorite food -- Anything with Salmon
My least favorite food -- Anything with grain or vegetables

Hello, I am Shelly. Official Koa's House snuggler. I specialize in following the pack anywhere they go. Although my pack sister Abby is a loaner, I am the exact opposite. At Koa's House, I am responsible for keeping the pack together on long hikes or trips to the kitchen. I work hard to ensure everyone is accounted for. Like my sister, I thrive on healthy natural food like the stuff we eat in the wild.

My favorite activity -- Swimming & Snuggling
My least favorite activity -- Having my nails trimmed
My favorite food -- Bully sticks
My least favorite food -- Anything with grain

Hello, I’m Koa. You guessed it. Although I have passed over the rainbow bridge, this is my house. I was adopted from a rescue in Houston, Texas, my littermates and I were discovered near a dumpster. Like a typical lab, I loved to swim and eat; once I ate a whole pizza when my human turned her back on me for three seconds, I considered it a challenge to eat fast. If I see water, I am in it. I was named Koa, not after the campground, but after the Hawaiian word meaning Brave, Courage. Unfortunately, I did not live up to my name; often, I was afraid of my shadow. My pack over my 15 years included many dogs and cats that came to stay with me then moved on to their forever homes. This house is their house too. Thanks in advance for your purchase and for helping pets in need.

My favorite activity -- Swimming & Eating (at the same time is best)
My least favorite activity – Going to the vet
My favorite food -- ANYTHING
My least favorite food – NOTHING

Hello, I am Guy. I am the one that changed everything. I taught my people to wag more, hike more, and enjoy everything. I was adopted from a pound in Pearland, Texas at a young age. I had very little hair because I was covered in parasites. Little did my people know, I was a furball. I trained my humans to take time and spend it outside more. I loved to shake paws with humans I met; it is a great ice breaker. Take the time and check your local shelters and rescues for the perfect pet. You never know what you will find there. Maybe another hairless pup that will turn out to be a furball.

My favorite activity -- Digging holes and sleeping

My least favorite activity – Going to the vet
My favorite food -- Raw Foods
My least favorite food – Vegetables