About Us

At Koa’s House, our passion is our pets. Being a pet parent is one of the best things in this life. We know how it feels because we are pet parents ourselves. In our online pet store, we offer you a large selection of dog and cat treats, food and supplies in order to make your furry family happy.


Koa’s House team consists of enthusiastic pet-lovers who want to deliver only the best quality products for your dogs or cats and their owners. Our core value is you pet’s health and happiness. Therefore, we strive to offer you a wide range of natural quality pet foods and treats that will fill your doggies or kitty’s belly with healthy delight. Check the categories on our website and sniff out the best pet products!

Another value of ours is offering you a unique fun shopping experience. In our online pet store, we offer you everything you may need for your furry friends: beginning from pet supplies and exquisite beef snacks and ending with articles about our lovely dog pack.

We know, it all sounds very expensive. But at Koa’s House we break the stereotypes. We believe that quality pet products should not always be a burden in your budget. Enjoy our unique pet treats and supplies at unbeatable price.

Lastly, we carefully select those pet foods and treats that will not only be healthy, but also bring a great taste experience. Salmon, beef, chicken or turkey - what would you choose today?  Our exclusive pet products will definitely become your dog’s or cat’s favorite treat!

At Koa’s House, we do our best to keep your pet physically healthy, socially integrated and emotionally happy.


At Koa’s House, we’re committed to make pets’ lives better. We want that every animal in the world is well-treated, well-fed and happy. Thousands of dogs and cats are now kept in animal shelters and rescues, and, unfortunately, thousands of rescues are in a great shortage of financial resources to buy food and supplies to keep pets appropriately.

Koa’s House team has become a reliable mediator between you and pet charities. Not only can you now buy nice foods and supplies for your pet, but also make a donation to animal rescues in order to help pets in need.

Our company has become a fundraising coordinator for various animal charities and shelters. We launched a financial support program for non-profit animal rescue groups by transferring 10% of all our profit to pet charities. Every month we choose a new benefactor to be included in the program. If you have any suggestions or you would like to become a benefactor, please contact us at social@koashouse.com.

Koa’s House: together we can make a difference.