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We know you are busy. We also know you want your furry family healthy and happy with only the best foods, treats & chews. We have all gotten home to a happy fur family only to realize we forgot to pick up food on the way home. As pet parents, we have all been there. With Auto-Ship you can enjoy the convenience of hassle-free pet treat delivery with no commitments or fees. Auto-Ship your pup's favorites on your schedule. No more running around hoping their favs are in stock. Spend time with your fur family not shopping for them. You can swap flavors, pause shipments, change the schedule or cancel, all on your schedule without hassle. 

Signing up is easy! Just visit your favorite product page, choose the quantity you want, and click on the Subscribe & Save button. Select your delivery interval from the drop-down box, then add to cart. Check out is the same simple process.

You will get the quality Food, Treats, Chews & More all delivered on your schedule. You are in control. No need to call or go online every time just set it and forget it. 

Benefits of Auto-Ship

  • You are in charge of your account.
  • Set your deliveries for intervals that work for you. If things change, just log in and change your intervals. You are in charge
  • No commitment, No fees, No contract. Cancel or put it on hold for any amount of time.
  • Your first order ships immediately, all future orders ship on your schedule
  • Make changes on your schedule, day or night
  • Only quality products, easy ordering, all at your fingertips

Koa's House Auto-Ship was created to reward our loyal pack members with convenience and additional savings. 

Set up subscriptions on dog food, cat food, cat treats, cat litter, All these so you never have to worry about running out at treat time or mealtime.

Shop your pet's favorites brands, like ZignatureOpen FarmWorld's Best Cat LitterThe Honest KitchenBixbi, Earth Animal and many more.

At Koa's House Pet Supplies we strive to provide superior products and service to all pack members, four-legged and furless alike. Have a question, suggestion or just want to say hello? Chat with us at