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  • Kurgo Bench Seat Cover
    Kurgo Bench Seat Cover $43.19

When torn between protecting your furniture from your pets and making them sit comfortably, it is usually hard to make a decision. But what if you don’t have to even make a decision, what if you get absolute protection for your furniture while giving your pet total comfort.  Check out koa’s house rich collection of the coziest and high quality sofa pet protector at the most affordable prices.


Our furniture seat slipcover pet protector allows your furry friend to get the comfort of using the sofa too. It is made from durable and eco-friendly material. This double sided sofa material has a soft side made from posh suede material while the other side which is the waterproof side is made from oxford fabric which effectively keeps liquid away from your sofa and ensures that the blanket stays clean and dry. It is also easy to use, maintain and stow.

You no longer have to worry about your pet getting mud or paw print all over your sofa with koa’s house sofa pet protector which helps keep dirt away from your furniture.

Enjoy the warmth of your pet protector and get your product delivered to you in no time and at no extra charges with free shipping options at no minimum purchase