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Our promise, If we do not trust it, we do not sell it.

Taking care of dog's health is the topmost priority for all dog lovers. Koa's house provides the best natural dog treats, ho-hide salmon chews, earth animal no-hide and many other natural dogs’ treats at genuine, affordable prices.

All our dog treats and ho-hide salmon chews are made exclusively from the finest natural ingredients totally free of any chemicals, additives or any other alien substance.

Our beef sticks are made from real free range, grass-fed beef, painstakingly oven-roasted in their own juices to give your puppy a tantalizing bite with every chew. Ho-hide salmon chews is also free from common allergens such as soy, corn, or grain.

The earth animal no hide salmon chew is a one of a kind chew made from natural ingredients and completely hide free. It is made from wild caught salmon suitable for all dogs. The earth animal no hide salmon chew is made especially for dogs suffering from food allergies.

Our duck, goose, salmon and chicken dog foods dog foods arespecially formulated to satisfy your dog’s natural cravings for meat, just like in the wild.  This natural dog treat is made from 98% cage-free poultry organs and bones together with certified organic fruits and vegetables all served raw with the convenience of freeze-dried preparation ensuring that your pet is feeding just as nature designed.

Our chews don’t just keep your dog busy but also helps to naturally clean its teeth removing plaque and tartar and maintaining their teeth and gums in a perfect and healthy state. In addition, they are low in fat and high in protein (which ensures that it grows strong without gaining weight).  So you can be rest assured that you are making a highly nutritional purchase for your dog.

All products in our collection are natural dog treats, made and packaged in the United States at USDA inspected facilities. You can place your order and expect delivery without the added shipping costs.