Perrrrfect Cat Beds

Cat Bed Nest House
from $16.99

We believe your pet deserves luxury and comforts too. Keep your pets comfortable and cozy with koa’s house various varieties of cat hammock beds and other great accessories for your pets. Pick a cozy and warm fleece cat and puppy bed for relaxing at genuine prices.

Our soft, warm and comfortable hanging cat hammock bed is perfect for cats, rabbit, hamsters and various other wonderful pets it is absolutely convenient to use and also comes with an attractive zebra or leopard coat.

Give your cat a wonderful nap time with our yummy looking wonderful toasted color hammock bed that gives your pets perfect naps. It is made of soft and warm material and absolutely perfect for small dogs and adult cats. It is durable and hand washable making it absolutely easy to maintain.


We also have adorable paw print fleece throw bed / blanket for your cats and puppies. It works well as a throw over your couch, car seats and chairs as well as on the floor to give your pets a softer surface to nap on. It is quite durable with and non-toxic to your dog and is easily maintainable.

Pick from our exclusive range of luxury cat hammock bed, a perfect choice for your pet’s comfort and get free shipping on your purchases with no minimum purchase.