Fur Family & The Coronavirus

The advice concerning pets and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is coming fast and seems to change constantly. Pets are a fixture in our homes and part of our families, but could they make us sick? Let’s go through some of the data.

  • Do any Cats & Dogs have the virus?

The CDC has had no reported cases of the virus in dogs or cats (or any other animals). There was a dog in Hong Kong whose owner tested positive for the virus, but that is strongly believed to have been cross-contamination. The dog had no symptoms, and as of March, 14th had tested negative. 

  • Can dogs & cats transmit Coronavirus? 

Several national & international health organizations have expressed that domestic animals are not considered at risk for contracting or transmitting the virus. Image, if our furry family gave us the common flu every year. The CDC does recommend washing your hands after picking up pet waste (we all should) and to not let them kiss you (this may be a challenge). 

  • If someone in your home is quarantined, can a pet visit them, then visit someone that is not quarantined? 

NO! Just like any surface, your pet's fur can carry bacteria and viruses around. These are often not harmful but are an excellent reason for a bath. 

  • Can the Coronavirus spread through pet products?

There is no evidence of transmission through shipping products. There are also no reported cases of transmission through imported goods. Koa’s House does not sell pet food or treat products containing ingredients from China. 

  • What can I do to be prepared?

Always include your pets in any emergency planning. Coronavirus or Zombie Apocalypse, we should always consider the furry ones. They would do the same for us. Have a two week supply of food, treats, supplies, and medicine on hand. If you are quarantined, you will need to spend 14 days at home, minimum. Be ready, make your neighbors & friends aware of any feedings, medications, or anything else. Just in case you are unable to make it home for 14 days.

  • Resources

For everything Coronavirus related, check the Center For Disease Control (CDC) website here or the World Health Organization (WHO) here.

Ultimately, take care of yourself, your pets & others. Let’s work together to make this world a better place and contain this virus.

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